Freshdesk Vs. Freshservice – 2018’S Best Help Desk Software

Freshdesk Vs. Freshservice – 2018’S Best Help Desk Software

Getting the most effective CRM Software product is all about cross-checking numerous solutions and identifying the top program for your specific needs. Our unique algorithm will give you a quick look at the general rating of Freshdesk and Freshservice.

For general quality and performance, Freshdesk scored 9.8, while Freshservice scored 9.4. On the other hand, for user satisfaction, Freshdesk earned 100%, while Freshservice earned 97%. Below it’s also possible to verify their functions, terms, plans, etc. to find out which software will be more appropriate for your situation.

One key element to assess is whether the app lets you to enable/disable limitations on different types of users to limit the exposure of any critical company data. Currently, the top products in our Customer Support Software category are: Samanage, Freshdesk, Zendesk.

Freshdesk Vs. Freshservice – 2018’S Best Help Desk Software
Freshservice is the sister product of Freshdesk and both of these solutions have spearheaded help desk industry. These solid customer care solutions can help to serve different requirements. Both of these solutions are not flawless, yet they are good enough to serve your help desk services. Gaining good idea about pricing, intended users and features would help you in making the final decision process. Let us explore together about the potential of these solutions.
Freshdesk renders free 30-day trial to users so that they could check if it is able to meet their requirements. This intuitive helpdesk solution comes in five range of pricing options, viz. Sprout (Rs. 0 per agent per month, up to 3 agents 13 USD/agent/month thereafter), Blossom (15 USD per agent per month billed annually),Garden (22 USD per agent per month billed annually), Estate (37 USD per agent per month billed annually) and Forest (66 USD per agent per month billed annually).

Intended Users
If you are tight on your budget or if you are a small business owner, look no further – Freshdesk is the right option for you. It has good number of features that could serve your business necessities. Typical customers in FreshDesk includes users from all walks of life – Freelancers, small businesses, mid-size businesses and enterprises

We could see from the pricing details that Freshservice is not that cost-effective helpdesk solution compared to Freshdesk helpdesk solution. Target audience for this helpdesk solution includes IT admins, technicians and managers. It is the right choice for users who are in need of quick and simple service desk solutions without broad customization, or integration requirements. If you are in need of asset management, problem management and change management features this solution could prove to be a real blessing.
Compare Features
This is one such features where Freshdesk scores above Freshservice and supports agent collision detection feature. User could view ticket status and manage ticket properties effortlessly. Features like canned responses, keyboard shortcuts and ticket merging work in favour for Freshdesk helpdesk solution. It also offers slew of bulk actions like categorizing, assigning and deleting tickets at the drop of a hat. Freshdesk goes smart with “suggested solutions” feature as it offers solutions on the basis of keywords in the ticket. Agent collision detection feature enables user to find out who else is working on the ticket. Shared inbox enables your group to work hand-in-hand and fix problems effortlessly.

Freshservice brings to table simple and efficient ticket management system and offers good insight into ticket status, recent activities, assigned tasks and the like. It also supports canned response feature which helps to send quick and consistent replies to common queries with the aid of its pre-formatted answer section. Incidents are logged in a chronological manner which facilitates easy ticket management.
Freshdesk really scores above Freshservice in terms of its reporting capabilities. It renders as high as 16 report tracking parameters to add value to your reporting pursuits. Summary reports, At a Glance reports, Comparison Reports and Top-N analysis reports are some good reporting options to quote. Reporting metrics like ticket response, load analysis, top agent performance etc. give an edge to this innovative helpdesk solution. Customer satisfaction is the real key to success and Freshdesk has done commendable job in tapping feedback from end-users in the form of satisfaction surveys. They also help to hone the strong points in your team and improve on your drawbacks or shortcoming.

Freshservice also sports an array of native integrations – JIRA, FreshBooks, Harvest, CloudWatch, Amazon web services, Microsoft System Center configuration Manager to quote a few.
Asset Management, Problem Management And Change Management

Freshservice gets an upper hand over Freshdesk in these features and does Problem Management, Change Management and Asset Management in elegance. Freshservice sports a decent asset management service that enables users to have quick glance over CIs and asset lifecycle. Asset management is accomplished with the help of CMDB. Freshservice discovery probe helps to discern new assets which are added into your system. It also brings to table capabilities like prioritizing assets, evaluation of depreciation costs, monitoring asset health etc. As the name implies, Problem Management feature helps to easily identify the issue and its root cause.

User could effortlessly navigate through database to check if there is any similar incidents logged in the past and take appropriate remedial measures. At the heart of Problem Management lies root cause analysis which helps to identify the impact and symptoms of the problem mentioned. Smart automation solution for problem management takes Freshservice to an all new level. It is also a competent tool that helps to cater well to your CR management services. It helps to plan, track and roll back changes from one location to another. It also includes powerful risk management features which help to evaluate and alleviate risks to a great extent. Another feature worth mentioning is the ability to add CAB ( Change Advisory Board) which helps to gather opinion from different members so that you know that you are sailing in the right direction.

Freshdesk does not support Problem Management, Change Management and Asset Management features.

Freshdesk Pros And Cons
Affordable helpdesk solution
Efficient ticket management and reporting features
Supports ITIL
Lack of asset management feature
Does not help in change or problem management
FreshService Pros And Cons
Easy installation process and easy to start working on this helpdesk solution
Backs problem management and asset management
Admirable search features
Commendable online support capabilities
Poor reporting capabilities and lack of customization feature
Inferior integration feature.

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Freshdesk Vs. Freshservice – 2018’S Best Help Desk Software

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