Freshdesk Logo (Freshdesk: Customer Support Software & Ticketing System)

How Can I Change The Logo Of My Freshdesk Account?

You could rebrand your Freshdesk Account by changing the Helpdesk Logo and Favicon. To update your Logo, please navigate to Admin–>Portals–>Portal Name–>Change Logo/Favicon. You could upload the image of your Logo or Favicon and Save it to rebrand the Logo of your Freshdesk Account.
Rebranding Your Support Portal To Reflect Your Theme
You can customize your portal to reflect your theme and give your users a memorable customer experience with Freshdesk. You can put up your logo and favicon and paint your self service portal in your brand colors. The Sprout and Blossom plans give you basic customization options such as customer portal customization and access to our extensive freshplugs gallery. If you’re on the Garden plan or higher, you can also perform CSS customizations and the Estate plan lets you customize every inch of your support portal.

Quick guide to perform basic helpdesk setup in your support portal:
Log in to your support portal as an administrator.
Go to the Admin > General Settings > Helpdesk.
Settings Section
Type in the Name for your help desk under Helpdesk Name. This name is what your agents and customers will be seeing on the top fold of the portal.
Setup a Primary Language for your support portal. Your customers will see your support portal in this language.
If your plan supports multiple languages, you can set up secondary languages under Supported Languages. Learn more about helpdesk languages here.
Select a date format that suits your needs under Date Format.

Quick guide to perform basic rebranding in your support portal:
Log in to your support portal as an administrator.
Go to the Admin tab > Support Channels > Portals.
Click on the portal you would like to rebrand (see image below)
Scroll down to the Portal Rebranding section to rebrand your portal

The logo of your support portal appears on the top fold near your portal’s name.
You can upload your company logo by clicking on Change logo.
Your logo should be of size 50×50 pixels.

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Freshdesk Logo (Freshdesk: Customer Support Software & Ticketing System)

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